When you turn into our tree-lined laneway at Transvaal Farm you have come home to a place where you can be as busy or lazy as you choose (we recommend a healthy bit of both!). Here is a sampling of some of the delightful ways to enjoy your days on the beautiful grounds immediately surrounding your guest quarters:

  • Stroll amongst spectacular flower beds
  • Watch birds actively glide from trees to bird houses
  • Sample savoury garden herbs or in-season rhubarb
  • Swing beside a friend on a blue sky day
  • Engage in a challenging game of horseshoes, bocce or croquet
  • See cats nimbly dance along a split rail fence
  • Pick apples, pears or cherries from tree branches when the time is just right
  • Scale a tree fort or experience an imaginative day in the playhouse
  • Unwind beneath a shade tree
  • Enjoy barbecued outdoor meals at a picnic table
  • Rock cares away inside a screened gazebo as fire flies flicker nearby
  • Marvel as bats dart between trees at dusk