Farm to Table

As soon as you arrive at Transvaal Farm you immediately know life is better in the country. Your guest house fridge will be stocked with award-winning C’estbon Cheese made right here on our property. Enjoy your chevre in the morning on a piece of toast or savour it broken up onto a fresh salad. Your fridge will also contain farm fresh goat milk. If you have never had this before, you are in for a real treat! Your pantry will also be stocked with one of my Transvaal Farms preserves made from Transvaal Farm produce or from another local Ontario farmer. My favourite morning breakfast is an English muffin dabbed with C’estbon Chevre and then smothered with my Triple Berry Jam.

Each day you are here, you can start your day off with a visit to our chicken coop to collect your own farm fresh eggs for breakfast. Maybe you will be lucky and get a double yolk! The benefit of living on a farm is the wonderful bounty a cooperative garden provides. I lovingly start my seeds indoors in March and carefully tend to them until garden transplanting in May. While staying at the farm you are welcome to consume some of our garden goodness . Depending on the time of your visit, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, beans, garlic, potatoes, corn and more may be available to pick. I also plant a wide varieties of herbs which can be snipped and added to your dinner or even your morning tea. The farm also has a few cherry, pear, apple, and quince trees so you might also be able to enjoy some fruit during your stay (if the birds don`t beat you to it!).