The Gathering Place

Wall-to-wall plank oak floors and a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace – made from local Thames River bedrock – are two of the notable features of this comfortably versatile space (approximately 500 sq. ft.). Curl up beside the fire and read a classic book, relax on the oversized couch while listening to music played on a contemporary gramophone, engage in an old parlour game at the dinner table, or get cuisine creative in your own farm kitchen equipped with new range, fridge, microwave oven, coffee maker and country dishes. Plenty of room exists within this open floor plan for four people to casually dine or enable a friendly chat at the kitchen island during meal preparation. Six large windows and down-to-earth decorative touches help guests remember they are far removed from the big city. Secretly hidden away inside a huge mahogany wall cabinet is a small retro TV and DVD player to enable guests to relax to Little House on the Prairie episodes and more recent movies.

Gallery/Upper Hall/Bathroom

Guests will be greeted by a diverse breed of characters on the staircase walls leading to both upper bedrooms. This livestock gallery silently speaks to some of the animals that have inhabited Transvaal Farm in recent decades.
In the hallway conveniently adjacent to both bedrooms are two pine doors that open to key in-suite amenities: the first contains extra bedding, towels and cleaning supplies; the second houses a dual purpose washer/dryer which guests are most welcome to use throughout their farm stay.
At the end of the hall is a newly renovated 3-piece bathroom featuring a tiled shower, bright wainscoting and a contemporary sink bowl that rests upon a vintage pine cupboard.